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Need support for a gambling problem?

If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling problem, help is available. The National Council on Problem Gambling provides a range of resources, including answers to commonly asked questions, a gambling behavior self assessment, information about treatment and the National Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-GAMBLER) to help connect you with local resources.

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Responsible Gambling and NASPL

Player health and responsible gambling is the lottery industry’s primary Corporate Social Responsibility objective. Beginning in 2014, in collaboration with the National Council on Problem Gambling and the North Carolina Education Lottery, NASPL worked to create comprehensive responsible gambling (RG) training materials for both lottery employees and retailers; the group effort culminated in the release of specialized training videos to be shared among the membership. From then on, NASPL has continued to grow and evolve its RG efforts and related training components to better serve the evolving industry. Check out some of the resources available for lotteries below

Terms Related to Problem Gambling

NASPL-NCPG Responsible Gambling Verification Program

The NASPL-NCPG Responsible Gambling Verification Best Practices program marks the first time a segment of the U.S. gambling industry has adopted a responsible gaming framework and independent verification process. This program has helped to establish higher standards for the implementation of RG principles in lotteries throughout North America.


In addition to helping lotteries promote responsible gambling, the RGV program is designed to educate lottery executives, employees and the public about the responsible gambling measures that are possible within lottery operations as well as the spectrum of problem gambling behavior and treatment.

This program is open to both U.S. and Canadian member lotteries. It is a complimentary service to the NASPL membership; all service costs are covered by NASPL.


Learn more on the NASPL Matrix.

NASPL Matrix Responsible Gambling Resource

In addition to the NASPL-NCPG RGV Program, the Responsible Gambling Resource section on the NASPL Matrix contains a multitude of assets available to all NASPL members. Our comprehensive RG Resource serves as a valuable guide for lotteries and their players, offering a range of tools, guidelines and other assets focused on fostering responsible gambling practices.


Through our RG Resource, lotteries can access practical examples, gain valuable insights, and draw inspiration to develop and improve their own responsible gambling plans and communications. Together, we can cultivate a responsible gambling environment that prioritizes player protection, minimizes harm, and fosters an enjoyable and sustainable lottery experience for all.


NCPG operates the National Problem Gambling Helpline, a single national access point to a network of local resources for those seeking help for a gambling problem. In June 2022, NCPG partnered with the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. to begin using their 1-800-GAMBLER number as the National Problem Gambling Helpline number. This easy-to-remember number helps reduce barriers to resources for those affected by problem gambling. If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, contact the National Problem Gambling Helpline, which offers hope and help without stigma or shame. Free and confidential help is available 24/7.

1-800-GAMBLER Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to promote consistent messaging and a cohesive visual identity for 1-800-GAMBLER. It contains brand guidelines, logos, social media shareables and more. NCPG will provide periodic updates to the toolkit and develop additional resources.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month

PGAM Goals

  • To increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services.

  • To encourage healthcare providers to screen clients for problem gambling.

PGAM Toolkit

Every Story Matters

This year’s theme, “Every Story Matters,” is a reminder that every narrative, battle and triumph related to problem gambling is significant. Throughout the month, we aim to elevate these stories, fostering understanding and support within our communities. Together, let’s amplify awareness, break down stigmas and emphasize that when it comes to problem gambling, Every Story Matters. #PGAM2024

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Gift Responsibly Campaign

The Gift Responsibly Campaign toolkit provides the tools necessary to help share campaign messaging in a unified voice. Participants are encouraged to use this toolkit to help prepare your ads, social media posts, print collateral and more. Access to the toolkit will be provided following completion of the campaign registration form.  John you can download a drobox file when you click the “Access the Toolkit” button on this Gift Responsibly Campaign page link listed above.

Campaign Toolkit

Gift Responsibly Campaign Goals

  • Educate communities on the dangers of buying lottery tickets for children.

  • Raise awareness about the risks of youth gambling.

  • Support responsible gambling practices while remaining neutral about legalized gambling.

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