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Player Protection

Protect yourself from lottery scams. To stay safe, always verify the legitimacy of lottery games and platforms, choosing only reputable and licensed operators. Protect your personal information and NEVER agree to pay any kind of fees for a supposed "winning" ticket. Read on for more information, tips and warning signs to keep yourself safe.

Keep Yourself Protected

Drawing Results: 
Use the following sources to determine winning tickets: watch the televised drawing (if available); check a lottery home page; ask retailers to print winning numbers from the terminal; call a lottery's winning numbers line; listen to results on local radio stations (if available); check results in local newspapers (if available).

Sign your ticket. Players should check tickets prior to leaving the lottery retailer. Make sure your ticket represents the game and numbers you want and the drawings you want to enter. Players are responsible for determining whether a ticket is a winner. See the back of the the ticket for important information about rules and your rights and responsibilities as a player.

The Winning Experience: 
When checking or redeeming your tickets, lotteries use various ways to identify if your ticket is a winner:

  • Ask the retailer to scan your ticket through the terminal while you can observe the terminal. You may hear the winning jingle, which plays at a loud, fixed volume, or you will see the prize amount, the word "Winner", and a universal win symbol ($) on the Customer Display Monitor.

  • Ask your retailer to return your winning ticket along with the validation slip printed by the terminal.

  • Some lotteries also use ticket checking terminal where you can scan the ticket barcode to determine if it is a winner.

If you receive suspicious materials, telephone calls or e-mails or if you are ever in doubt about information that supposedly came from a legitimate lottery, call the lottery in your jurisdiction and ask for the Security Department. See important information and videos on scams at the Consumer Federation of America's website at:

There is no legitimate reason why anyone would give you a check or money order and ask you to wire money anywhere in return. Find out more at: Consumer Protection Branch: and US Postal Inspection Service:

There is no way to stop them without your help! Here's what you can do:

  • Never redeem a lottery ticket for someone you do not know.

  • Never give your credit card numbers to anyone promising lottery cash prizes or memberships.

  • Never respond or send money to someone who offers you a guarantee of winning a prize. The lottery does not guarantee you a prize, only a chance of winning one if you buy a legal ticket from an authorized lottery retailer.

  • If you are going to participate in a "lottery pool," do so only with people you know and trust.

  • Buy lottery tickets only from authorized lottery retailers.

Lotteries provide fun, excitement and prizes for players. Don't allow these scam artists to take your money and spoil your fun.

The old saying still holds true, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Don't be a victim and don't let anyone you know be a victim. When you hear one of these stories - get away, call the police, and give them a description. Help stop these criminals - before they strike again.

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