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Wyoming State Lottery

Jon Clontz

Wyoming State Lottery


1620 Central Ave., Suite #100 

Cheyenne, WY 82001 


FY23 Total Sales


FY23 Prizes to Players


FY23 Transfers to Beneficiaries




History of Wyoming State Lottery

It was a long time coming, but thanks to the 2013 legislative session and the Governor's signing of House Bill 77, Wyoming finally has a state lottery.

Wyoming's first two lottery games offerings were Mega Millions and Powerball, both available on the first day of sales. The first in-state game, Cowboy Draw, was added in 2015. The Lottery then joined multistate games Lucky for Life in 2016 and 2by2 in 2021. KENO, Wyoming's newest draw game, was introduced in 2022.

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation is committed to providing a fun, exciting and entertaining gaming experience to Wyoming's lottery players. Their business is founded on the values of fairness, integrity, security, honesty and a desire to contribute to the state of Wyoming's economy through sales generated by a fun and exciting portfolio of games, incorporating the highest standards to achieve challenging and innovative goals and provide quality customer service.

Media Contact:

Ashley Pexton


Total sales include actual sales of traditional lottery products and, where applicable, gross gaming revenues from eInstant lottery games, VLTs, casinos and sports betting.

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