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Puerto Rico Lottery Bureau

Lorna Huertas Padilla

Puerto Rico Lottery Bureau

Assistant Secretary of the Lottery Bureau

383 Roosevelt Ave., Suite 107 

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918-2131 


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History of Puerto Rico Lottery Bureau

The Puerto Rico Lottery Bureau was created by Act No. 465 of May 15, 1947, as amended, with the purpose of adding funds to the Treasury and also to provide a source of income to tickets agents and sellers. Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, the operating expenses of the Lottery are covered by the income it generates, and its budget must be submitted to the approval of the Legislative Assembly.

In addition, by Law 10 of May 24, 1989, it was assigned the functions of establishing and administering the Additional (Electronic) Lottery System.

After the creation of an Additional Lottery was authorized in 1989, on November 10, 1990, the first Electronic Lottery draw was held with the three-digit Pega 3 game. The following year (July 12) the LOTO game was launched, consisting of awarding prices to those who match six chosen numbers from 1 to 46. Its first draw was on July 19, 1991, and there was only one winner.

The introduction of new number games, known as Pega 2 and Pega 4, was made possible with the amendments to the Electronic Lottery Operational Regulations, which came into force on June 25, 2002. 

Sales began the following month; the first draw was on July 10. Approximation draws were introduced on July 7, 2007, for Paste 3 and Paste 4. By June 2013, additional day draws were added for Pega 2, Pega 3, and Pega 4. October 2022 saw the introduction of a new game within the Pega called WILD BALL. This is an additional number that is generated prior to each draw Pega 2, Pega 3 and Pega 4. By adding WILD BALL, players can use this number to substitute any of the winning numbers in the draw, if this makes the number played a winning number. As an example, with Pega 3: Winning number is 1-2-3. Winning WILD BALL is 5. Winning plays with WILD BALL would be 5-2-3, 1-5-3 and 1-2-5. The WILD BALL result can be used to an advantage in all 3 games, Hit 2, Hit 3 and Hit 4. The cost of this basic play doubles when adding WILD BALL. From 2008 to the present, draws are held six times a week, Monday through Saturday. These are televised at 2:00p.m. AST and 9:00p.m. AST on WIPR, Channel 6, and are also broadcast live on the internet and official Facebook page.

Through a second draw, using the same move made in the LOTO game, the Revancha game was authorized on September 2, 2002, and its first draw was two days later. It was announced as a second chance to win, at an additional cost. In May 2016, the Revancha changed to Revanchax2; this additional draw is held with each Loto Cash draw on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For an additional dollar, the Revanchax2 puts Loto Cash numbers to play and also automatically generates a new combination of numbers with which players also participate in said additional draw. The Revanchax2 offers a second chance to win. To play Lotto Cash with Revanchax2, players mark the “R” in each panel of the play sheet or mark the number of automatic plays to which they want to add Revanchax2. The Revanchax2 jackpot starts at $100,000. In order to play Revanchax2, it is required to play Loto Cash.

Within the second chance range of LOTO, the Multiplicador was added on October 16, 2008. For an additional cost, this allows players to increase their prize with the multiplier factor determined by a draw carried out on the same day of the LOTO draw, if they match between three and five numbers in a LOTO game.

Since May 2021, after Loto passed to Loto Plus in May 2016, it is now known as Loto Cash, with three weekly draws (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with more opportunities to play. Loto Cash is played with fewer pins in the raffle, so it is also easier to win. This game has nine prize categories, and the chance of winning any prize is 1 in 8.9. The prize will depend on how many numbers hit. The jackpot prize starts at $500,000 and increases after each draw where there is no jackpot winner. All Loto Cash prizes are awarded in a single payment, no annuities. Players no longer have to calculate the value of the prize when collecting it in a single payment. If there is more than one grand prize winner, the grand prize is divided equally among all players who have matched all six winning numbers. If there is no winner for a LOTO draw, the announced prize amount accumulates for the next draw.

On December 3, 2009, the introduction of Instant Games was authorized, which consist of game cards that are scratched to obtain immediate results. The different cards represent plays that offer prizes of $1,000 up to $250,000.

In December 2016 a new game called Kino was introduced. This is an Electronic Lottery game with automatic draws every four minutes, where players can win up to $100,000. Kino draws are from Monday to Saturday. The minimum bet is $1 per draw, and in the same game players can participate in up to 20 consecutive draws. Players can select their own numbers or make an automatic play, like in other Electronic Lottery games. After each draw, players can verify if they won and how big their prize is by validating their play ticket at any Electronic Lottery terminal or through the mobile app.

Powerball draws began in Puerto Rico after joining this multi-jurisdictional lottery that offers the highest prizes in the world. This game is administered by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), where its draws are held. This game is available in 45 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Prizes start at $20 million and increase with each drawing that there is no winner. A $50,000 prize was added in September 2015, and the following October 7, the Power Play game was introduced, which multiplies up to ten times the smaller Powerball prizes, available only in draws of $20 million up to $150 million. The second prize with Power Play has been increased to $2 million and the third to $500,000. In addition, the number of white pins was increased, from 59 to 69, and the red pins (Powerball) were reduced from 35 to 26 on the game board. Double Play was added in August 2021, giving players in select jurisdictions, including Puerto Rico, another chance to match their Powerball numbers in a separate drawing with a maximum cash prize of $10 million. Players can add the Double Play feature to their Powerball ticket for an additional $1 per play with Power Play. Players play the same set of numbers in the main Powerball draw and in the Double Play draw. The Double Play drawing takes place after each Powerball drawing on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Powerball tickets that include the Double Play feature are eligible to win prizes in both drawings. Power Play and Double Play plays in their Powerball ticket, and the Power Play multiplier does not apply to prizes won in the Double Play draw.

Anyone interested in witnessing the draws can contact the Lotería Electrónica offices by calling 787-250-8150.

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Total sales include actual sales of traditional lottery products and, where applicable, gross gaming revenues from eInstant lottery games, VLTs, casinos and sports betting.

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