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Level V Associate Member

Szrek2Solutions LLC (S2S)

60 Spencer Ave.
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Phone: 401-398-0395

Szrek2Solutions LLC (S2S)

Irena SzrekPresident and CEO

Helena PereiraVice President

Year of inception: 2003

Szrek2Solutions is the lottery industry’s leading supplier of random number generators (RNG) and electronic draw systems with provable integrity and independent verification of random numbers and draw processes. Since 2003, Szrek RNG systems have generated and verified the integrity of billions of random numbers, providing full transparency into all RNG processes. Szrek’s RNG technology was independently attested for providing proof of integrity and meeting industry best standards (

Szrek’s scalable and flexible product architecture supports standalone offline systems, online automated systems, and multi-tenant systems that serve multiple users. All systems offer capability for remote operation and independent verification, and are customizable to specific client needs. Customers never experienced problems with Szrek’s RNG that led to a delayed draw, a draw cancellation, or the reporting of incorrect draw numbers.

Szrek’s Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ systems safeguard customers from RNG failures and fraud, ensuring continuity and security. The RNG systems provide complete certainty of draw validity, protecting game integrity. South Africa’s unexpected draw numbers 5,6,7,8,9,10 demonstrated how verifiable numbers are essential to maintaining player trust.

Szrek’s RNG solution with audit verification is patented in the US and internationally. It is deployed for leading lotteries and vendors including IGT Corporation, Scientific Games International, and Arkansas Lottery, Florida Lottery, Iowa Lottery, ITHUBA Holdings (South Africa), Loterie Nationale (Luxemburg), ONCE (Spanish Lottery for the Blind), Sisal SpA (Italy), Texas Lottery, Totalizator Sportowy (Poland).

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