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3505 Cadillac Ave., Building D
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: 714-768-6001
Fax: 714-668-9898


Andy Kaoh, Owner/President

Year of inception: 1981

Pro-Lite’s lottery signage solutions are designed with sales generation in mind. Our patented technologies are proven to generate more awareness for the lottery jackpots – and awareness is essential for more sales. Our recent lottery sign innovations include:

  • Day of Drawing (DOD). DOD is a clear indicator of what day numbers are drawn and has been adopted Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Maryland, Rhode Island and Minnesota lotteries.

  • Big B – “B” Digit display feature accurately conveys jackpots in excess of a billion dollars – adopted by the Florida, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Missouri and Rhode Island lotteries.

  • Millions/Billions Display – No more confusion with a static “millions” under big jackpots. This digital feature that accurately conveys jackpots in excess of a billion dollars has been adopted by the Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Ohio and Kansas lotteries.

Pro-Lite’s LED product line now includes models for window, countertop, floor and outdoor applications. Pro-Lite has also developed promotional marketing solutions for lottery keno games in several states.

Pro-Lite Inc. introduced LED technology to the U.S. in 1981 and has since supplied over one million signs to customers worldwide.

In 2000, Pro-Lite introduced updatable LED jackpot signage to the U.S. and holds the distinction of supplying New York Lottery with the largest lottery sign program.

Lottery Customers: Over 100,000 LED signs have been made for more than 45 North American, Caribbean, Central American and European lotteries. Out of the 45 US lotteries, 40 are currently using Pro-Lite products. Internationally, Pro-Lite has supplied British Colombia, Ontario and Atlantic in Canada, Honduras in South America, and Switzerland and Italy in Europe.

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