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Level V Associate Member

Patterson Pope

3001 North Graham Street
Charlotte, NC 28206

Phone: 704-523-4400

Patterson Pope

David Parr, CEO

Ben Gold, President

Dan Knezevic, Director of PMO

Karen Ruff, Director of Client Services

Kelly Green, Chief Strategy Officer

Year of inception: 1971

Primary products and services:

The Patterson Pope (P2) Lottery Automation Solution automates the processes which are not addressed by traditional lottery systems. The Lottery Automation Solution includes the following modular components:

  • Retailer Licensing

  • Retailer Renewals

  • Retailer Adjustments

  • Prize Payment Claims

  • Administrative Operations

  • Public Records Request Management

  • Lottery Back-office
             - Accounts Payable
             - Human Resources
             - Procurement

  • File Room Digitization

The Lottery Automation Solution is a proven system built specifically for the lottery industry on a single industry-leading platform. This solution addresses the identified challenges including manual processes, consistent communications, timely completion, process visibility, regulatory compliance, and audit readiness. Through experience in partnering with lottery organizations, P2 designed configurable purpose-built workflows to address the challenges of the lottery industry. These Workflows make the mundane task streamlined, the invisible process visible, and the paper-based mess digital, speedier, and automated. The solution offers constant visibility to every detail in the process, ensuring compliance and even increasing your speed to complete processes that could take weeks down to hours.

Lottery customers: North Carolina, Virginia

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