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Level V Associate Member


2610 Crow Canyon Rd. Suite 300
San Ramon, CA 94583

Phone: 800-922-6806


Reza Mahmoodi, CEO

Mehdi Mahmoodi, COO

Sebouh Der Kiureghian, CTO

Year of inception: 2019

Primary products and services:

LottoShield is revolutionizing the lottery retail industry by providing a cutting-edge automated solution to protect retailers from internal theft and significantly reduce labor costs. As the first of its kind, our system seamlessly integrates with store registers and state reports, ensuring a foolproof and efficient user experience that doesn’t rely on employee oversight.

By effectively managing lottery loss prevention, LottoShield allows lottery retailers to focus on increasing sales and maximizing their profits. With its advanced technology, our solution rapidly detects and addresses theft incidents, enabling businesses to concentrate on selling more lottery rather than worrying about preventing theft.

Our mission is to safeguard lottery retailers’ profits, enhance the security of their operations, and support their growth. We are dedicated to making a significant impact in the lottery retail industry and look forward to sharing the benefits of LottoShield with businesses worldwide.

Lottery customers: Lottery Retailers across the USA

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