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160 Bloor Street E., STE 300
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1B9

Phone: 416-324-2900


Scott Morasch, Senior Vice President

Year of inception: 1975

Ipsos is a preferred global research supplier to the lottery industry, providing actionable insights on lottery market trends, player preferences, behavior and attitudes, game development and testing, iLottery, and player health.

Ipsos provides a broad range of research & insight services to the lottery industry:

  • Market Strategy & Understanding. Looks at the overall lottery or gaming market to find growth opportunities, conduct market sizing, segmentation, U&A, or player profiling.

  • Brand Health & KPI Tracking. Monitoring lottery market trends and brand performance over time, in conjunction with product and media activities.

  • Marketing Communications & Creative Performance. Guiding lotteries on what goes into effective advertising and creative executions.

  • Innovation, Concept Testing & Forecasting. Solutions to evaluate new ideas and concepts for scratch, draw, iLottery, and gaming concepts.

  • Qualitative Research. Depth conversations with audiences in small groups, one-to-one chats, ethnography, or communities.

  • Social Analytics. Detailed consumer profiling built from social media mining, conversation, text and image analysis.

  • Customer Experience & Player Journey. Mapping the lottery path-to-purchase, pain points in the player experience, and finding optimization opportunities.

  • Mystery Shopping. Providing an audit of retailer compliance on critical lottery performance standards, such as ID policies, ticket validation procedures, POS, and planogram implementation.

  • Corporate Reputation. Understanding how lotteries are perceived as part of the community and society, and what are the driving factors of trust and reputation.

  • Retailer Engagement & Feedback. Harnessing the wisdom and insight of retailers through feedback interviews, business satisfaction studies, or concept tests.

As one of the largest marketing insights firms in the world, Ipsos operates in 90 countries with more than 18,000 research professionals. They have built unique multi-specialist capabilities to deliver powerful insights into the actions, opinions and motivations of citizens, consumers, customers and employees. The passionately curious experts at Ipsos provide the most precise measurement, and shape it to provide True Understanding of Society, Markets and People.

Lottery customers:

Ipsos has carried out research projects and programs across many North American and WLA lottery jurisdictions.

North America:

  • Over 30 U.S. state lottery jurisdictions

  • All Canadian lotteries

  • Interprovincial Lottery Corp. (ILC)

  • MUSL

  • NCPG

  • Lottery vendors

  • Agencies

Globally, Ipsos works on lottery and gambling research in over 25 countries outside North America. Our global clients represent a mix of:

  • WLA lottery jurisdictions

  • Private gaming companies

  • Casinos

  • Regulatory authorities

  • Lottery vendors

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