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11111 Jefferson Blvd, #5243
Culver City, CA 90231


Year of inception: 2010

Primary products and services:

  • Audiences: InMarket leverages accurate and precise location data, and exclusive first-party consumer survey and purchase/receipt data to build segments that outperform industry benchmarks and drive results. Exclusive InMarket Audience segments have the highest certification for Accuracy & Precision tested and verified by the independent third-party marketing leader, Location Sciences.

  • Activation: Own the path to purchase from consumer research to point of sale InHome, InPath, InStore, and InHand with push notifications, owned & operated inventory, unmatched performance and response rates 6.5x industry benchmarks, and interactive rich media.

  • Attribution: Lift Conversion Index (LCI®) is the industry standard for omnichannel, multi-touch attribution—providing real-time intelligence for real-time growth. From impression to visit to purchase, get a 360° view of how your media drives visits, sales and ROAS.

  • Analytics: InMarket InSights are based on real-world behaviors powered by real-time consumer location, purchase, and survey data. Anticipate future consumer needs, enhance targeting strategies, and drive smarter future activations.

InMarket is the leader in 360-degree consumer intelligence, real-time marketing and attribution for thousands of major brands. Through InMarket's data-driven advertising suite, brands can build targeted audiences, activate real-time, omnichannel campaigns and measure their success in driving real-world visits and sales. InMarket's proprietary Moments offering has been proven to outperform traditional mobile advertising by 6.5x. InMarket holds more than 24 patents across location, attribution and digital marketing. InMarket’s location-based ad platform, GeoLink, is revolutionizing real-time activation capabilities and attribution/analytics reporting for leading consumer brands in one SaaS-based interface.

InMarket was selected as the Best Location Platform by Digiday in 2020. InMarket has offices in New York, Bentonville, and Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Lottery customers: Top Clients include: Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, South Dakota, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Connecticut.

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