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Level V Associate Member


1201 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226

Phone: 313-580-0600


Sean McCaffrey, President and Chief Executive Officer

Nick Yacobucci, Account Executive

Year of inception: 2007

Primary products and services:

  • National full sight, sound and motion video network

  • Flexible, data-driven targeting opportunities

  • Creative strategy and content solutions services via in-house creative agency

GSTV is a data-driven, national video network, engaging consumers with full sight, sound and motion video. Reaching more than one in three adults 18+ at an essential waypoint on their consumer journey – and steps from the convenience store.

GSTV drives immediate action and creates lasting brand impressions, delivering measurable results for the world’s largest advertisers. After fueling, 62% of viewers are headed into the c-store, and one in three will purchase a lottery ticket today.

GSTV’s convenience and fuel partners include leading retailers like 7-Eleven, Arco, BP, Circle K, Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Gulf, KwikTrip, Marathon, Phillips 66, Speedway and Sunoco.

Lottery customers: Proven success with over 20 state lotteries leveraging GSTV to increase ticket sales.

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