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Level V Associate Member

Blake Jarrett & Company

50 Valleybrook Drive
North York, Ontario M3B 2S9

Phone: 416-385-1660

Blake Jarrett & Company

Blake Jarrett, CEO

David McRae, Director of Business Development

Laura Williams, CFO/COO

Year of Inception: 1993

Primary Products and Services:

  • Retail Environments and Design Builds - Crafting Complete In-Store Experiences: At Blake Jarrett & Company, we specialize in envisioning and bringing to life immersive retail environments that go beyond the ordinary. From captivating video walls to engaging scratch displays, we meticulously design and execute every detail to showcase your brand seamlessly within the retail space.

  • Counter and Floor Displays - Effective Brand Presentation: Our expertise extends to creating impactful counter and floor displays that enhance your brand's visibility. These displays serve as effective solutions for showcasing products within smaller retail spaces. They offer a cost-effective alternative to full store designs while maintaining the same level of brand impact and enabling multiple installations.

  • Kiosks and Shop-in-Shops - Crafting Brand Statements: Explore and create compelling brand statements with our freestanding kiosks and shop-in-shop formats. These solutions are tailored for smaller retail spaces, providing an avenue for powerful brand expressions akin to full store designs. Cost-effective and versatile, these designated spaces offer impactful features and multiple installation options.

  • Digital Innovation in Retail - Elevating Customer Engagement: Our commitment to innovation extends into the digital realm, where we harness technology to transform the retail experience. Stay at the forefront of customer engagement with our innovative digital solutions, which seamlessly integrate with your brand's identity, ensuring you capture your audience's attention effectively.

  • Digital and Conventional Playstands – Elevating Lottery Experiences: Revolutionize the world of lottery with our innovative PLAYiT Digital Playstand System. Choose between conventional gameplay or a fully interactive experience designed to capture attention. Easily integrate accessibility options with our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, taking your lottery business to the next level.

  • Brand Development & Marketing Communication - Engaging Visuals for Consumer Connection: In today's competitive landscape, clearly communicating with your customer defines the consumer experience. Over our decades of experience, we have honed the art of communicating with customers at the moment of purchase with superior graphics. This not only improves the customer experience, it drives sales.

Blake Jarrett & Company has been a leader in retail marketing and merchandising since its founding in 1993. Our mission revolves around the creation of 'Big Ideas That Work,' with a vision to enhance the moment of purchase. Grounded in a culture of creativity and excellence, we offer a diverse range of services, encompassing retail environments, displays, kiosks, digital retail innovations, custom manufacturing many of them lottery solutions. Our unique approach focuses on crafting solutions that enrich the overall purchasing experience. Many of the world's most successful brands leverage our expertise and creativity. Notably, Coca-Cola awarded Blake Jarrett & Company contracts for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, 2012 London Olympics, 2014 Sochi Olympics, and the 2016 Rio Olympics, where we were entrusted with designing, manufacturing, and installing Coca-Cola marketing materials at all concessions in all venues. This execution is of utmost importance because, despite Coca-Cola's long-standing sponsorship of the Olympic Games, these areas are the only places where Coca-Cola can brand at the Olympic venues. If Coca-Cola placed their trust in us to make the best possible impression on tens of millions of Olympic Games guests imagine what we can do for you.

Lottery Customers:

  • Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC)

  • Florida Lottery

  • North Carolina Education Lottery (NCEL)

  • Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLG)

  • Virginia Lottery

  • Washington’s Lottery

  • Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)

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