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Level III Associate Member

Alchemy3, LLC

860 Warsaw Rd, Ste 200
Roswell, GA 30075

Phone: 770-442-6993
Fax: 770-442-1539

Alchemy3, LLC

Jeffrey Schweig, President

Paul Guziel, CEO

Year of inception: 2007

Primary products and services:

  • Instant and draw game promotional executions

  • Strategic business and marketing planning

  • Integrated marketing programs

  • National campaigns

  • Premium branded games

  • Collect ‘n Win mobile and interactive applications

  • Loyalty programs

  • Web/drawing services

Established in 2007 as an authenticated NASPL vendor, Alchemy3 is a recognized leader in the gaming industry, delivering highly successful integrated marketing programs, national promotions, and loyalty solutions to lottery clients across North America. The founders of Alchemy3 have participated in the birth of branded games in the industry and played a major role in the success of specialty lottery services, developing more than $2 Billion worth of lottery games to date. The Alchemy3 team owns years of experience developing strong relationships with lotteries via their unique mix of strategic vision and tactical moxie.

Lottery customers: Alchemy3 provides marketing services to all North American state and provincial lotteries.

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