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Aug 18, 2020 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm (ET)
Modernization of Cashing Lottery Prizes: Use of Mobile Technology

Lottery players are asking for more options to claim their prizes, especially during the pandemic. The Ohio Lottery introduced a groundbreaking solution, allowing winners to claim prizes valued between $50 and $5,000 from the comfort of their homes. Beginning April 20, 2020, players can now use the Ohio Lottery mobile app to scan their winning ticket and deposit their winnings into an approved bank account via automated clearing house. This is just one of many solutions the Ohio Lottery is exploring to offer alternative methods for players to claim their prizes. This seminar, hosted by Greg Bowers, Chief Financial Officer, and Maureen Hall, Chief Information Officer, will showcase the actions taken to successfully launch the app, and will provide attendees with insights and lessons learned about setting up a mobile cashing platform.

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