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Schafer Systems Inc.

Schafer Systems Inc.

1000 Flag Road
Adair, IA 50002

Phone: 641-742-3266
Fax: 641-742-3624

Year of incorporation: 1986

Primary products and services:

  • Instant ticket dispensers
  • Play centers
  • Literature holders
  • Point of purchase display products.

Since 1986 Schafer Systems has been an innovative, leading manufacturer of plastic products for the lottery industry. With a solid reputation for quality and service, Schafer Systems provides retail solutions for lotteries around the world.

Each lottery retail location is unique, and the goal of our dedicated team is to inspire and partner in developing new ideas, functionalities and looks. We recognize that you have ideas too, so let our top-of-the-line designers and engineers take your idea from concept to reality. From instant ticket dispensers and ticket menu boards to play centers, promotional items and literature holders, we have the point of sale solutions the lottery industry needs.

The Schafer Systems sales team is led by Teresa Immel and Shay Wahl. Together they provide product expertise, custom product ideas and excellent service. Our newest products are sure to make lottery items stand out with integrated technology, lighting and so much more. If you haven’t see what we have to offer, now’s the time!


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