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Remember to Play all Lottery Games Responsibly

 indicates sections updated in the most recent revision. Please select a category to jump to the appropriate articles. Articles may appear in more than one category.

  • Addiction Theory: Articles dealing with the general theory of addictions and the relationship between gambling and other types of addiction. (Revised 4/18/02)
  • Assessment: Discussions of the tools for diagnosing and assessing the prevalence of problem gambling. (Revised 5/15/01)
  •  Behavioral Studies: Field and other studies concerned with the activities and behaviors of problem gamblers. (Revised 12/14/05)
  •  Biology and Medicine: Papers dealing with the physiology and medical treatment of problem gamblers. (Revised 11/18/05)
  • Comorbidity: Studies of the relationship between problem gambling and other mental health and addictive disorders. (Revised 10/24/03)
  • Crime: Explorations of the relationship between pathological gambling and criminal activity. (Revised 12/31/02)
  • Demographics: Studies of the age, gender, and socio-economic status of problem gamblers.
  • Gambling and Addiction: Theoretical discussions of pathological and problem gambling. (Revised January 21, 2000)
  • Gender: Gender differences in problem gamblers and studies of female gamblers. (Revised 2/21/03)
  • Prevalence: Measures of the prevalence of problem gambling in a wide range of jurisdictions. (Revised 10/24/03)
  • Public Policy: Studies making recommendations for effective policy regarding problem gambling. (Revised 12/14/05)
  • Social and Economic Impact: Studies of the effects of problem gambling on society. (Revised 6/6/01)
  • Treatment: Descriptions of treatment programs and assessments of their effectiveness. (Revised 11/25/03)
  • Youth: Pathological gambling in children and adolescents. (Revised 10/24/03)

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