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Loteria Electronica (Electronic Lottery of Puerto Rico)
383 Roosevelt Ave.
Fundacion Angel Ramos Bldg., Suite 107
San Juan 00918
Puerto Rico
phone: 787-250-8150, ext 223
  Armando PĂ©rez-Cruz, Secretaria Auxiliar de las Loterias, Departamento de Hacienda

The Puerto Rico Electronic Lottery began operations in Novem­ber 1990. The Lottery is governed directly by local government legislation and is an operational branch of the Commonwealth’s Treasury Department.
The Lottery’s two on-line games, Lotto and Pick 3, were es­tablished when the Lottery first started, with the intention of generating additional funds for the government. In 2002, three new games Pick 2, Pick 4 and Revancha, a second chance game for Lotto, were introduced with great success.
In the spring of 2000, the International Organization for Standard­ization (ISO) awarded the Puerto Rico Electronic Lottery with the coveted ISO 9002 certification. This certification is an interna­tional measure of standardized processes and procedures to ensure quality, accuracy and integrity of systems and procedures. One of the reasons the agency received this certification was for its rigorous process of inspection before, during and after a draw. With this certification, the Lottery became one of the first govern­mental lotteries in the Americas to guarantee quality control of its processes.
The Lottery’s most effective advertising medium is TV and its theme has always been related to humorous situations. The char­acters used in the Lottery’s ads represent a mixture of the Puerto Rican social idiosyncrasy.
Year established: 1989

Products offered: 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit games, Lotto (matrix: 42), and Revancha (2nd chance Lotto) (matrix 42)

Fund for Rent and Home Improvement Subsidy Program for the Low Income Qualifying Elderly, Municipal Equivalency Fund, Health Reform, Commonwealth's General Fund

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